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This residential development was built in 2008 and produces zero-carbon emissions, zero waste and uses sustainable materials.  Sustainable transport solutions are in place, which help remove the need to own a car. Measures are also in place to support local and sustainable food availability.  Wildlife is encouraged by providing suitable habitats. 


Energy is provided by various measures including a boiler which uses recycled wood chips to provide hot water and space heating, and 8 roof-mounted wind turbines.  Recycling and composting are encouraged through the provision of onsite separation and composting facilities. 

Water consumption is reduced through efficient fittings and appliances.  Rainwater is harvested and used for irrigation and for WCs in the community facility.  Materials used are high performance and includes natural clay blocks, wood fibre insulation and concrete made with recycled materials.

Project team

Crest Nicholson and Bioregional Quintain

Further information

Environmental benefits

The aim of this development is to emit zero carbon dioxide by using local sustainable building materials, encourage recycling and use of sustainable transport modes, for example by being close to passenger transport links and cycle routes.