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  • The East of England is the UK’s driest region, and Hertfordshire is one of the driest counties with average rainfall returning only two thirds the national average. 
  • In 2012, Affinity Water became the water supplier for Hertfordshire. It brings together three separate water companies and supply water within the southeast of England.
  • Affinity supplies 877 million litres of water per day to 3.5 million people and 1.4 million properties. Water is distributed through a network of mains around 16,500km long.
  • People in Hertfordshire use more water than any other county in the UK (8% above the national average).
  • The average unmetered usage of water in Hertfordshire was 170 litres per person per day in 2014. Unmetered water usage has decreased since 2004 from a high of 188 litres per person per day. 
  • In the long term, Affinity is aiming to reduce the amount of water that is abstracted by 55 million litres per day over the next 5 years. This will increase to 77 million litres per day over the next 25 years which is neccessary to reduce the environmental impact current abstraction has on certain chalk streams and rivers. This will be implemented without affecting availability of water for customers.
  • In the last three years, 45,000 water meters have been installed which is higher than the expectations of 37,270 from the regulator. This means that 47% of Affinity customers are now on meters.
  • Hertfordshire’s population is expected to rise by 12% by 2035. Careful management of water resources will be essential in coming years. 
  • Provision of water and waste water services contributes nearly 3% of the UK’s CO 2 emissions (more than 60kg of CO2 for every person in the UK). 
  • Since 1950 the number of people in the World has doubled, however water use has increased by six times.
  • Climate change impacts indicate a 5% loss of available water resource by 2035. 
  • There are several areas in Hertfordshire that have significant flood risk (i.e. a risk level greater than 1 in 75 years). The Environment Agency’s indicative flood maps show areas that are susceptible. 
  • The 2013/14 average bill per year for water services is £174 compared to £186 industry standard. This includes a 3% rate of inflation. (This is an estimate based on provisional data as of 31 March 2014.