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What we do

We help to provide home adaptations, such as stair lifts and access improvements, for people over 60 and people of all ages with a disability to help them remain independent at home.

Hertfordshire County Council provides this service through our home improvement agency on behalf of Broxbourne Borough Council, East Herts District Council, North Herts District Council, Watford Borough Council and Stevenage Borough Council.

We can give advice and help on home adaptations and disabled facilities grants to elderly, vulnerable and disabled people who:

  • own and live in their own property
  • privately rent
  • live in housing association accommodation.

We will oversee all phases of every project, design, specification, tendering and site supervision from the beginning, right through to completion.

Our service

We offer specialist advice and adaptation works that can make your home safer and more accessible.  

We'll take all of the hassle out of the process for you such as sourcing reliable contractors, managing the project and even sourcing grants or funding to help manage the costs.

You will be offered our services when making your application for a grant. If your grant is approved, we may also supervise the works on site if you wish. The full cost of this service is 15% plus VAT of the final cost of the works, and this charge may be eligible for grant assistance.

If you are not eligible for grant assistance and decide to fund the works yourself, we can still provide you with our services, but you would be responsible for the full cost of the works plus our 15% fee.

How we can help

Our caseworkers, trusted assessors and technical teams will guide and assist you through the process of having works carried out in your home and can advise you on availability of grants or any other loans to help you pay for the work, if applicable.

We can help to:

  • advise you on your eligibility
  • complete any paperwork, explain the process and manage the building contract between you and the contractors
  • provide technical expertise with any building works by surveying your home, drawing plans and specifications for tendering
  • select the best value contractor and ensure the work meets current building standards and regulations
  • signpost you to other relevant services and advise you on other options.

Contact us

Get in touch with our team:

Contact us to arrange a visit or call back 

01438 843467 or 01438 843948


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