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Once you have contacted us about needing home adaptations, we'll arrange for a caseworker from our team to visit you. They'll help you complete the application form and collect the required financial information.


Whether you decide to use our agency services or not, you will still need to submit a valid application before we can process it.  

Application documents

A valid application needs to consist of the following documents:

Completed application form

If you are using our services, we will obtain quotations on your behalf from our approved contractors.

If you choose not to use our agency, you'll be required to submit 3 estimates for the works from separate contractors. These should be itemised on our schedule of works and be accompanied by the contractor's signed letterhead which includes a written undertaking to carry out the work for the quoted sum.

The contractor submitting the lowest quote will usually be instructed to carry out the work.

Proof of ownership

If you're not using our service, you'll need to provide us with written proof of your length of ownership of the property, and confirmation of your occupation.

This may be in the form of a letter from your solicitor or building society, or if you have the deeds at home we can arrange for the council's legal officer to check them. Please note repair grants are secured as a charge on your property.

Alternatively, if you are using our Agency we will obtain this information for you.

Evidence of your financial situation

Up-to-date evidence will allow the Test of Resources to be completed. These documents of evidence may include:

  • certified accounts for the most recent three years if you are self employed
  • copies of pay slips for the past year
  • your most recent P60
  • copies of pension or allowance books
  • copies of your most recent bank statements for all the accounts you have
  • copies of building society pass books or other investment accounts
  • any details of stocks and shares
  • addresses and approximate values of any properties you may own, other than the one for which you are applying for the grant.


If the work involves new building or major internal changes, we'll need 2 copies of the relevant plans.

Building Regulation approval

If you're not using our services, copies of the Building Regulation approval and planning consent will be required, where appropriate.  

The fees for these may be considered as part of the grant's eligible expense and receipts should be submitted with your application. However if you decide to use our agency services, we will obtain these for you.


Receipts for any other additional fees, for example from architects or structural engineers, will need to be submitted.


Submitting documents

It's best to submit all these documents to us together. They will then be checked and if correct, your application will be registered as a valid application.

You'll receive receipt of acknowledgement for your application and will then be advised of the registration date.

If your application is not complete, you'll be notified within 3 weeks so you can make the necessary changes or provide any additional information.

Application timescales  

The government has set a target that all applications should be determined within 6 months from the date of registration.

Our target time is 3 months, and in many cases it may be less.

If we have made any payments over and above the level of the grant, which may be from a contractor's invoice, fees to the agency service or to outside architects or consultants, you will be invoiced for the amount within 21 days from certified completion.