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After you have submitted an enquiry form to us, we will calculate your grant entitlement using the government's test of resources to the figures you have provided.


Awarding grants

We will use these figures to calculate the provisional amount that is regarded as your contribution towards the cost of any works that might be eligible for grant aid.

This is only a provisional figure. The actual amount of any grant and your contribution can only be accurately assessed when your formal application has been submitted.

When assessing the level of grant to be awarded to you, we'll take into account:

  • the quotations you have submitted
  • costs of similar works that have been carried out in your area recently
  • your financial situation.

Carrying out works 

Once you have received our letter of approval, we will instruct the chosen contractor to start the approved works.

The work must be done by the chosen contractor. If they are not able to carry out the work, you'll need to get permission from the council before instructing another contractor, otherwise your grant could be withdrawn.

We may reclaim any payments made to the contractor directly from you, if you can't comply with the grant conditions.

If you are using our agency services, our surveyor will visit the site regularly to supervise the works and deal with the contractor on your behalf.

Otherwise you'll need to ensure the contractor's work is completed to a satisfactory standard, and done by our schedule. We can still inspect the work at any time to ensure all requirements are being met.