We present data gathered from many sources into a ‘Hertfordshire view’.  It helps you to statistically analyse Hertfordshire and its local communities.

Our users range from casual researchers, charities and community groups right up to strategic decision makers.  Many of our users find this an essential tool for making high value funding bids.  We help people find out where the needs are in a community so they can help plug those gaps. 


How to view our data

Data is presented in two formats:

Profiles.  These are easy to read linear report and include many figures, text, graphs and maps on a selected area within a geographic level, e.g. Broxbourne within the District level report.  

Dashboards (maps).  Dashboards show data on an interactive map. They allow you to go in-depth with one, or a small number of indicators. On first presentation, you’ll see a colour coded (plethora) map showing the higher and lower values. 

Which geographic areas do we cover?

Many of our Profiles and Dashboards are available at County, District and Ward level geographies.  Some are more specialist, such as Electoral Division, a County Councillor’s constituency, and Quadrant, a geography used by our Family Centres. Our ward profiles and many of our maps show data at LSOA level, considered to be the size of a neighbourhood.

Our data sources

Most of our 6,000 statistical indicators are sourced from central government agencies, such as NOMIS, ONS, DCLG, Police UK and Public Health England.

We also use data collected by our County Council departments. 

The technology we use

All our profiles and dashboards are developed using InstantAtlas which is an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) geographic information system (GIS) add-on app.

We also use ESRI’s National Data Service.

The National Data Service data is collated into a Data Catalog. We are pioneering the way we use this technology by automating our locally sourced data into the Data Catalog. PowerBI reports and other ESRI apps can source data from the Data Catalog, allowing us to report a “single version of the truth” on multiple platforms.  


Much of the data on Herts Insight is published by public sector providers as Crown copyright material.

Unless otherwise stated, such public sector information is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.