No Barriers Radio Station

No Barriers Radio was started by David Braysher as an independent radio station primarily aimed at individuals with some form of disability or learning difficulties.

The aim is to bring together this community of individuals across the globe and provide a platform to put forward views and raise awareness of physical and learning disability.

 Meet the Staff  

Josh Hornsey

Hi, I’m Josh Hornsey, & I have the pleasure of being the Station Manager here on No Barriers Radio. I work closely with our chairman David Braysher, this includes at least daily phone calls! Anything you could think of that is technical to do with a radio station is my responsibility. I love what I do because I know it helps people &has been raised for a year from the ground. I enjoy working with such amazing people (even though most of them I’ve only spoken to on the phone!) Anyone can become a member of No Barriers Radio, not just presenting, but we offer technical training. You also become a member of an amazing community. We see the station that is run by the listeners, for the listeners. Lots of people find it hard to believe th

at I am only 14 years of age! We have come a long way in the past couple of months, including having our own site on TuneIn. We see this as a massive milestone. We are looking forward to moving into our new building in the foreseeable future. This will allow us to get funding & use industry standard equipment. If you would like to get involved in any way, don’t hesitate to send me an email on I look forward to hearing from you!

You can catch Josh every Saturday & Sunday 8-10am with Weekend Breakfast.

David Braysher

Hi, I’m David Braysher, the Chairman of No Barriers Radio. I have been a DJ since 1978 covering a wide variety of genres & age groups. I have been an active DJ for hospital radio for many years. I am disabled myself & want to get the message of no discrimination across and help people with any disabilities and to help stamp out discrimination across the world.

You can catch David every Monday-Friday 6-10am with Breakfast, Monday 8-9pm with Iranian Nights & Tuesday-Thursday 7-8pm with Sounds Of The 60s & 70s.

Tyler Brooks

Hi, I’m Tyler Brooks, I am a presenter & technician on No Barriers Radio. I am also a sound technician for different theatre’s & production companies. I also coach various football teams. My show is the sports & media show on this station, which I like as it varies to our other programmes & it gives me a chance to update everyone on the weekend’s sports scores & news. My goal here is to gain more listeners for the station & help the station progress overall.

You can catch Tyler every Saturday & Sunday 8-10pm with The Sports Centre.

Paul Baker

Hi I’m Paul Baker, I am a full time DJ & Presenter.
I have been in the entertainment industry since 1994 when I started my first mobile disco, catering for private functions such as weddings and birthday parties. One year later in 1995, it became my full-time job. In 1996, in addition to DJ’ing, I began hosting karaoke shows and quiz nights in popular venues across the south coast of England. I have held many residencies in all three of these fields and am still hosting four quiz nights every week and DJ’ing at some of the UK’s most well-loved clubs and bars every Friday and Saturday night.

I first got the radio bug when I was at school and I used to put two ancient hi-fi systems together and record my own shows on a flat deck tape player (thankfully these tapes no longer exist). Many years later at college in 1991, I worked on a charity station called Radio Cracker and knew this is what I wanted to do however with other things taking off I never really found the opportunity to pursue this until 2010 when a visit to the studios of Skyline Radio in Southampton reignited my enthusiasm for radio. I was a presenter on Skyline Radio between 2011 and 2013. I am currently presenting live shows on Monday mornings (Voice Breakfast) on 103.9 Voice FM in Southampton. In 2012 I also began offering my services as a voice-over artist for commercials, dry cuts, station ID’s and much more within and beyond the radio industry.

You can catch Paul every Monday 10-11pm with Acceptable 80s, Tuesday – Thursday 8-9pm with a variety of shows & Saturday 2-4pm with Paul Baker On The Radio.

Ben Poulton

You can catch Ben every Friday night 7-8pm with MixUp & 8-9pm with Radio.

Conor Naughton

You can catch Conor every Friday night 9-10pm with Naughton On Air & Saturday 1-2pm with House Heads.

Alan Coote

Alan Coote is the presenter of Let’s Talk Business. His job is to open his mouth in synchronism with his brain, a task which he finds surprisingly difficult sometimes. He started his professional radio career on BBC Radio Lincolnshire before moving on to work freelance at a number of independent stations. In 2008 Alan started The Bay Radio in the south of England, which has now become Hot Radio. Alan has also presented TV versions of Let’s Talk Business and is currently working on a music documentary. He has also had a very successful career outside of broadcasting, working for a number of international companies as a business consultant.

You can catch Alan’s show, Let’s Talk Business every Monday night 7-8pm. 


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