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About hearing loss

This is where a person is deaf or hard of hearing. There are various levels of hearing loss – mild, moderate, severe or profound.

This may be in both ears (bilateral) or only 1 ear (unilateral).

Read more about hearing loss (NHS Choices).

I think my child may have hearing loss

If you have concerns, speak to your family doctor or your child's school.

If they're under 5, speak to your health visitor. They will help you get a referral to the paediatric audiology service in your area.

You can also contact our Hearing Impairment team.

My child has hearing loss

If you live in West Hertfordshire, you can get help from the Children’s Hearing Service.

If you live in East Hertfordshire you can get help from the East and North Herts NHS Trust.

If your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, you can be referred to our Hearing Impairment team.