Reviewing your child's placement in a special school

The annual review of the EHCP is the usual way in which the progress of a child or young person towards meeting the outcomes specified in his or her EHCP is reviewed.

A change of school is a change to the EHCP - that's why it is done through a review.

As part of the annual review, you discuss the details of your child's current placement, and together with the school you may wish to discuss the suitability of the placement. If the school believes it can no longer meet your child's needs, or your child's needs have changed (evidenced by assessment information), you might consider:

  • amending the plan to set out what would be required to enable them to meet the needs
  • looking for an alternative placement either in another special school, a mainstream school or specialist provision in a mainstream school.

An annual review can be called forward if needed.

For some children and young people it is appropriate for them to continue their education in the same type of special school, but it may be considered appropriate to meeting their needs to consider dual placement at another school.   The parents / carers, young person and the 2 schools would need to agree this and set up an agreement on how this would operate (see Dual Placement Guidance) Their programme might involve time spent in another type of special school or a mainstream school or a college.

It is important to note that consideration by the local authority of requests for specialist provision can only be made following informed expression of parental preference.  Schools may wish to contact their named SEN Officer for advice if they anticipate that a change of placement may be considered at the annual review.

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