It’s been a busy time for Transforming SEND. The programme aims to deliver services faster and more effectively as well as meet the needs of more families in Hertfordshire. Read what's been happening within the 3 priority areas:

Local Delivery Networks

  • We are trialling our ideas to make local delivery networks more effective in Stevenage. We have different SEND teams working together in new ways to see if we can develop or improve processes.
  • We are helping our different social care teams to work more closely together by involving them at working groups, where they learn about each others services. This will improve processes, each team will have a better understanding of how they fit together.
  • Many schools and parents contributed over the summer to the review of Hertfordshire’s Exceptional Needs Funding which looks at current arrangements for schools and settings to access top-up funding for children and young people with complex needs.
  • Funding for pupils with complex needs in mainstream schools is changing. we have a group of experienced colleagues working to get the new funding arrangements in place by April.


  • In Jan we launched our brand new Local Offer website. we held a fantastic launch event to bring the Local Offer offer to life - you can see what was on offer in our launch event blog. The blog has resources from workshops that were run on the day, and links to every organisation who attended.
  • We are currently preparing some research to do with parents for our next 'discovery' phase. This means that we want to work with parents to learn more about their needs. This will then hep us to understand what to do next to make things better.
  • We're doing 'discovery' work on: a new resources area for the website; how to help parents find events, clubs, courses and organisations more easily; helping parents to find information when they don't know what they need.
  • The SEND Online Feedback Group which now has over 220 members continues to help us with tests, tasks and surveys. We’ve had excellent response rates and continue to gather vital information about our users.

Preparing for Adulthood

  • In January we held a workshop on the topic of "Home". Members of children's services and adult care services worked on a strategy to help young people with SEND find accommodation and live independently, with the support they need.
  • We are exploring how to help young people engage with their community and improve their social lives. We're thinking about mentoring, and a buddy system. we're also looking at developing community groups to meet local needs.
  • We have started a Transport project, to think about how to reduce young people travelling alone.