Guidance on part-time timetables for pupils of compulsory school age

All children of compulsory school age are legally entitled to have a full-time education. We have a statutory duty to ensure that all children in Hertfordshire receive it.

There will be times when a child can't attend school full-time, maybe because of recovery from illness, exceptional family circumstances, pregnancy, or returning home from a period in custody.

There might also be times when a child is having severe behavioural difficulties and is finding it difficult to cope with school full-time. In these cases the law allows the use of a part-time timetable.

Part-time timetables aren't a long-term plan. They should always set an end-date by when it is expected that the child will return to full-time education (or when an alternative will be provided). They should be reviewed regularly, and if there are any changes to the child’s circumstances.

All schools must tell the council about any child who's been placed on a part-time timetable, so that they're aware of the arrangements. 

The guidance sets out what the law says about the use of part-time timetables for pupils of compulsory school age, and explains the responsibilities of the local authority, schools and parents/carers.

Read the full guidance on the use of part-time timetables (PDF 369kb) Opening a new window.