Professionals promise

Hertfordshire’s Professional Promise (PDF 510kb) Opening a new window is our commitment to working in a person centred and transparent way.

It was produced together with young people, families and professionals and builds upon the standards that already exist,

The Professional Promise is a set of standards that everyone should strive to achieve. They help professionals understand how families want to be worked with, and families will be confident to challenge professionals.

Our promise means that we'll:

  • be honest about what can be achieved
  • aim to get it right first time
  • learn from our experiences to inform change
  • have the skills to do the job, or signpost elsewhere
  • work in an open and honest way
  • ensure the views of the child or young person and their family are at the centre of everything we do
  • recognise the strengths and abilities of children and young people

All professionals working in SEND children's services will work in this way.