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Hertfordshire Send Local Offer

We're working with parents and carers to create a brilliant Local Offer website and digital SEND services.

Closes midday on 20 July 2018. We'll be offering more opportunities to get involved in the future.


What you've said so far

Sessions we've run

Working with Herts Parent Carer Involvement, we ran a session with parents and carers on 20 June 2018. Presentation slides from the session.

Parents and carers told us they want our online services to:

  • be clear, easy and quick to use
  • be convenient (like restaurant booking sites)
  • keep you informed of changes
  • make it easy to collaborate and share.

Full list of feedback from the parents session

We also ran a similar session with council staff and professionals who work with parents and carers on 27 June. Full list of feedback from the staff session.

Previous research with users of Local Offer

During previous Local Offer research, parents asked us to:

  • help first time visitors understand the Local Offer and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • promote the Local Offer more
  • remove duplication from the EHCP process
  • provide one place for them to complete a guided EHCP process, get progress updates and contact us securely
  • recommend more services that could help.


Why we're doing it

We want to improve our customer service and build trust with parents and carers. They've told us:

  • they're tired of repeating their story at every meeting
  • they'd like consistent, timely and transparent information
  • they'd like to stay informed and participate in decisions online, at a time that suits them.