This is World Autism Week: 26 March - 2 April 2018

Around 700,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum. Together with their families, this means autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people.

The aim of World Autism Week is to raise awareness about autism and its related conditions.

It is ok to be different.....but what is autism?

  • Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.
  • Every person on the autism spectrum is different. It can present some serious challenges – but, with the right support and understanding, autistic people and their families can live full lives.
  • Asperger syndrome is a form of autism. People with Asperger syndrome are often of average or above average intelligence. They have fewer problems with speech but may still have difficulties with understanding and processing language
  • Although everyone is different, people on the autism spectrum may:

- Be under or oversensitive to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light or  colours, which can make everyday life extremely difficult

- Find social situations and change a challenge, sometimes  leading to extreme levels of anxiety 

- Experience a ‘meltdown’ if overwhelmed by anxiety or sensory overload

- Benefit from extra time to process and respond to communication.

The National Autistic Society holds a wealth of information advice and support – visit their website which also features their latest film on the impact unexpected changes can have on autistic people -Too Much Information campaign

Find out more about World Autism Awareness Week and how you can be involved here.