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Teenagers and young adults with special needs or disabilities may want – or need – greater independence as they get older. But they are also likely to have care needs which mean they need alternative housing options.

There are a variety of housing options they may want to consider:

Buying or renting an adapted property

If you or your child has special needs, your local district council could help to find a property which has already been adapted in a way that meets your needs.

Alternatively, you may be able to get a housing grant to cover any adaptations which need to be made.

Sheltered housing schemes for younger people

Although many sheltered housing schemes are specifically for older people, there are some that cater to the needs of younger disabled adults. These homes are designed for independent living but have extra facilities such as a warden who can be called in an emergency, or communal facilities such as a laundry and lounge

Supported housing in the community

Some young adults will only require a small amount of support when at home, and may go to college, work or day centres during the day. A wide variety of housing options is available for these more independent adults. Some supported housing is managed by the local authority, and some by housing associations, voluntary organisations and charities which run the units to meet particular needs.

Supported living

If you wish not to live at home and may with help be able to live independently in the community, you may want to think about “supported living services” – sometimes called ‘floating support’, visiting support’ or tenancy sustainment.

Services that support independent living are made up of suitable or adapted accommodation, which can be your own home with some form of personal care provided, or it could be a home shared with other people with a similar condition.

Supported living services may provide a good option in some circumstances, offering flexibility and perhaps even better value for money than some of the alternatives


Find housing services from your local district or borough council