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We're a specialist team for children and young people who have combined sight and hearing loss.

What we provide

We work with children and young people up to the age of 18 and provide:

  • home visits to pre-school children

  • support to pre-school groups where deafblind children play and learn

  • training and support for professionals

  • assessments for children and young people, focussing on vision, hearing, communication and development for Education, Health and Care plans

  • observations of pupils and written advice and recommendations

  • advice on resources, adaptations, and technology

  • advice on strategies, curriculum adaptation and communication techniques to develop learning skills

  • liaison with other teams and with medical professionals regarding support

  • support at professionals meetings and with families.

Who can use the team

If your child has been diagnosed with deafblindness, or a condition causing deafblindness, they can be referred to us.

A referral can be made by health professionals, schools or a parent.

A service request form needs to be completed and sent to:

Deafblindness team
The Woodside Centre
The Commons
Welwyn Garden City

What happens next

If your referral is successful, we'll be in contact to arrange a visit.