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Hertfordshire Send Local Offer

Education support for medical absence (ESMA), is a specialist team who work with children and young people aged 5-16 whose attendance at school has been significantly affected because of a medical condition.

What we do

ESMA provides support to schools that have pupils who are temporarily unable to attend school for medical reasons, and works towards helping the pupil go back to school.

More information about missing education due to ill health.

The team offers:

  • Advice and guidance about the impact of medical conditions on school access including the best ways to support re-integration
  • Advice to schools so they can develop strategies to manage pupils with health needs
  • Anxiety courses for parents and pupils
  • Teaching support for pupils whose medical condition is preventing them access school  
  • Advice to governing bodies in respect of their statutory duties for these pupils

How to access the service

Referrals, usually by the school,  are made through completing a Service Request Form

All referrals to ESMA must provide details of the school support currently in place and be accompanied by a letter from a medical practitioner (Consultant Paediatrician or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who is actively involved with the young person. The evidence from the medical practitioner should specify the impact the medical condition has on the pupil’s ability to access education in school. 

ESMA will contact the school once a referral has been received to offer advice to the school/setting or arrange an initial meeting with school and family to agree the next steps.