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Physical and Neurological Impairment team

We're a specialist team for children and young people who have physical and neurological conditions or injury.

Neurological conditions or injuries affect the way a person thinks, reasons, makes decisions and solves problems. It can also have an impact on attention and memory.

What we provide

We work with children and young people at school, up to the age of 18. We:

  • advise on how physical and neurlogical impairment can affect education
  • observe pupils and give written advice to support them
  • advise on IT equipment that might help
  • advise on procedures to help the move from one type of education to another
  • work with the occupational therapist regarding access and adaptations to schools
  • help schools to find specialists
  • give support at professionals’ meetings and with families.

Who can use the team

Health professionals, schools and parents can access the team.

Complete a service request form and send it to:

Physical and Neurological Impairment team
The Woodside Centre
The Commons
Welwyn Garden City

What happens next

If your referral is successful, we'll arrange to visit you and your child.