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You can get early help from Families First

This is Hertfordshire’s brand name for local services that collectively support families at the earliest opportunity, in order to avoid a potential crisis. Families First brings together existing organisations and new services to support families by providing early help under one umbrella.

Families with children with special needs may have a range of needs associated with a child’s learning, health or social difficulties on top of other family needs outside of the SEND arena, which could be supported by the Families First approach.

Find more on the Families First portal


Continuum of need

The Continuum of Need (PDF 464kb) Opening a new window  aims to show that at any time some children and families in Hertfordshire may need extra help and support and from where this would come from.

Families’ levels of need may change from month to month depending on particular situations but whatever the situation, asking for help and support is considered a strength.