The USA 1919 - 1945: a nation of contrasts

In this course (2 hours a week for 10 weeks) we will cover what was called the Jazz Age; a period of unprecedented economic
boom and prosperity with American industry leading the way.

The decade was a reaction to the Great War years; the status of women was redefined, as the
'flapper' was born. Into this vibrant America came the advertising men and Hollywood selling Americans hope and a ‘better life’.

It saw a rise in urban crime linked to prohibition, as well as corruption in government and xenophobia triggered by the Russian revolution.

It was an age of unprecedented industrial growth rooted in new technology and new methods of mass-production; accelerated
demand for consumer goods and the fulfilment of the aspirational American Dream, plus significant changes in lifestyle and culture.

However, beneath the surface, urban and rural, there lurked racial segregation, poverty, misery and an underclass for whom there was no economic miracle.

This was America after the Great War; a nation of contrasts.

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