Vineyard Church Christmas Meal

No one should spend Christmas Day alone. That's
why we open the church doors to everyone who would like to join us in
celebrating and enjoying Christmas Day. St Albans is full of people who are
managing a tight budget, elderly who have little family around and people who
are just by themselves every Christmas. If that's you, or you know someone like
that, then come and join us for an uplifting, festive experience.

There will be a delicious Christmas meal with
all the trimmings, good company and a classic Christmas movie to watch or doze
off to. All for free. Sound good? If you'd like to come along and join the
festivities then please do RSVP in good time to help us cater - just sign-up to
this event and we'll be in touch. VOLUNTEERS: Great news, we have enough
volunteers to make the day. However, if you'd still like to come, then you can
sign up and be part of creating a festive atmosphere. Otherwise, there are a
number of other projects around the area that would be great to support.

25 December 2017 at 12:30pm - 16:00pm
Child: £0.00
Adult: £0.00
Concessionary: £0.00

Vineyard Church Christmas Meal

Vineyard Church

7 Brick Knoll Park

St Albans