Violent & Challenging Behaviour in Children with Additional Needs Plus how to look after you too

Violent & Challenging Behaviour in Children with Additional Needs Plus how to look after you too.

Topics covered in this workshop: ? What is SEND
VCB? (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Violent & Challenging
Behaviour) ? Diagnostic overshadowing ? The Stigma Surrounding VCB and the
effects this has on you and your whole family ? Why VCB Happens – the
underlying causes and how to identify them ? Anxiety in children, common causes
and what it can look like in children with additional needs ? Approaches,
strategies and techniques that can help reduce violent episodes at home ? The
importance of Self-care ? De-stress strategies ? The Workshop will finish with
a deep relaxation session The Workshop is very relaxed and informal with plenty
of time to chat to other parents in the same situation. You don’t have to bring
anything with you, although some people do like to take notes, so a pen and
paper might be useful Yvonne Newbold lived with SEND VCB for over seven years
before finally being able to access appropriate help which supported her son,
Toby, to successfully turn his behaviour around. At the time, she believed that
hers was the only family in this situation, and that it must be all her own
fault. Then she discovered that, far from being the only one, there are
thousands of families living in fear of their own child, there is still very
little help available, and parents are still allowed to believe that it’s all
their own fault. Yvonne now supports this group of parents by running
workshops, speaking at conferences and supporting them directly on Facebook
through her closed FB group for affected families. She is currently working
with team from Northumbria University to develop the first evidence-based data
on the impact of SEND VCB on families, because without the data, services and
training for frontline staff won’t ever happen. She is also writing a book
about this topic to enable parents to easily access the information they need
to enable their children to turn their behaviour around. Malcolm Cooper is
Yvonne’s “other half” so he understands how it feels to live with a child who
can be violent too. Malcolm is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach,
who also teaches mindfulness and meditation

When – Tuesday 16th October 2018, 6:30-9:30 pm

Where – Willow Room, Hobbs Hill Wood School, Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 8ER

With Yvonne Newbold and Malcolm Cooper

To book onto this workshop please email Ashley Fabray, DSPL8 Administrator, or call 07525 917125

Please note that this workshop is only open to Dacorum parent/Carers.

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16 October 2018 at 18:30 - 21:30
Child: Free
Adult: Free

Willow Room, Hobbs Hill Wood School

Willow Room, Hobbs Hill Wood School

Peascroft Road

Hemel Hempstead