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Hertfordshire County Council


We are pleased to announce that the following individuals/organisations have been selected as winners of an Excellence in Hertfordshire Public Health Award.

The public are now invited to select their favourite to go on to win the Dr Joan Crawley Award which will be presented at the Annual Health and Wellbeing Board Conference on 21 June. Please see below for more information on this year’s winners and the Dr Joan Crawley Award.

Who are the nominees?

Jacky Fitzgerald (Hertfordshire Health Walks)

Jacky is a volunteer Hertfordshire Health Walks
Ambassador and Leader. She devotes many hours per week to encourage new residents to start walking. Jacky does everything that she can to enable the walkers to have the best experience possible by supporting them and enabling maximum social interaction, particularly in the Watford area. As an ambassador for Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group, Jacky regularly highlights the benefits of walking to the health professionals and patients that she meets. 

Alice Horton (Hertfordshire Sports Village/UoH)

The Active Students and Active Staff programme, from Hertfordshire Sports Village and the University of HertfordshireThe Active Students and Active Staff programmes are run by the University of Hertfordshire and aim to reduce physical inactivity and increase participation. Over 950 students a week are taking part in Active Students and it was rated 2nd overall for student satisfaction in the most recent NSS results. A pilot also took place to link students with the Student Counselling Services which has been very successful and helps an average of 55 students per week.

Watford FC Community Trust – Shape Up programme.

Shape Up logoThe Shape Up programme has been running since
January 2015, running free 12-week weight loss programmes to obese men across the County. It was created and is delivered by Watford Football Club Community Sports and Education Trust, a charity delivering community projects to thousands of Hertfordshire residents each year. The purpose of the programme, commissioned and part funded by Hertfordshire Public Health, is to help obese men across the county lose 5% of their body weight in 5 weeks. To date, over 850 men are currently on or have completed the programme successfully, and over 60% of these have successfully managed to reach their 5% weight loss goal.

Richard Pecout (Senior Librarian)

Richard is a Senior Librarian who has consistently gone above and beyond the expectations of his role. He has worked with colleagues to develop several initiatives across Hertfordshire’s libraries. One example would be building regular health-related training into the monthly training package of all library staff including developing awareness of health-related services in Hertfordshire and where to find good-quality healthy lifestyle advice. He has also supported the Never Too Late physical activity campaign for older adults by providing a way for those without access to the internet to sign up to the campaign at the library.

Active and Safer Travel Team (The Sawbo Travel Challenge Group)

In 2016 a working group of 5 local schools and the Sawbridgeworth Town Council was formed, supported by Hertfordshire County Council’s ‘Active & Safer Travel Team’ and East Herts District Council (EHDC). Their aim was to reduce air pollution during peak times by encouraging children to walk to school and promoting the benefits of active travel. The Challenge Group created a number of fun, themed events and challenges and has continued to grow since 2016.

Stevenage Borough Council

Over the last 12 months, Stevenage Borough Council has demonstrated leadership in championing public health priorities and reducing health inequalities. An example of the good work that the Borough Council has done is developing the Healthy Stevenage Strategy with its key partners. Also, in partnership with Stevenage Leisure Limited Stevenage Borough Council created the Healthy Hub 2015. The Hub has allowed over 10,000 residents to access a huge variety of health and wellbeing services. The range of services has expanded to include NHS Stroke rehabilitation and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Public Health Smoking Cessation, Herts Aid Sexual Health, Macmillan Hope courses, HealerZone, Carers in Herts, Carers UK and Stevenage Fibromyalgia Support Group.

Through the Borough Council and Stevenage Leisure Limited collaborating, the Healthy Hub has provided a legacy for the town and will continue to make public health services more accessible in Stevenage for the foreseeable future.

Dr Joan Crawley Award

Dr Joan Crawley was the first female Medical Officer of Health in the United Kingdom. She lived in Hertingfordbury and worked in Hertford for 40 years, initially carrying out school medical examinations and being involved in family planning and well woman clinics. She later became the Medical Officer of
Health for the Hertford Rural District and started working as a GP in 1972, where she stayed until she retired in her 70s.