Help shape social care services - Hertfordshire co-production board

We've launched our strategic co-production board working with people who use care services and their carers to help us shape adult care services.

We want people to have a say in how the budget is spent and how the services are run.

Who is on the board?

There are five people who have experience of adult care services as a service user or carer, five people from the council's Adult Care Services Management Team and six people from community organisations who represent service users and carers on the board.

This includes:

  • Carers in Hertfordshire

  • Age UK

  • Viewpoint

  • Hertfordshire Care Provider’s Association

  • Healthwatch

  • The Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)

The board is co-chaired by Iain MacBeath, Director of Adult Care Services and Leigh Hutchings.

How does it work?

For full details please read our Terms of reference.

The board has agreed what they want to talk about first – the council's adult care budget, commissioning, disabled transport and how Hertfordshire can be more inclusive to disability.

Subtitles are available by selecting the subtitles/closed captions option on the tool bar at the bottom of the video.

Recent meetings

See the notes and presentations from our recent meetings:

We've talked a lot about transport. Two of our members attended a transport scrutiny panel – see the evidence they presented. We also wrote to local MPs about transport. Read the response from the Under Secretary of State.

Find out more

For more information or if you have a comment on any of the topics we're talking about please email us.

Find out more about co-production from Think Local Act Personal (TLAP).


 Co-Production Board members