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Hertfordshire County Council

We (Hertfordshire County Council) are providing an additional £1.5m worth of support for unpaid carers.

£100 voucher for unpaid carers - how to redeem

As part of our ongoing work to help our residents deal with cost-of-living challenges, we are providing an additional £1.5m worth of support for unpaid carers. The extra money is part of the £12.3m we have been given from government’s Household Support Fund (HSF) to provide additional help to those households most in need.

Who are getting the vouchers?

We are working closely with Carers in Hertfordshire to administer the scheme. Around 10,000 unpaid carers, including young carers will benefit from the voucher worth over £100, which they will be able to collect from their local Post Office. To be eligible carers must have been registered with Carers in Hertfordshire by the end of October 2023. We have used the ACORN consumer classification tool to identify households most in need, prioritising those who are financially stretched, facing urban adversity or not living in private households. Unfortunately this is a limited fund and we are having to prioritise the best we can. Please note that some households will receive multiple vouchers due to number of carers. The vouchers have been sent out in batches, with the last batch to be delivered by the 4 December 2023.


£100 voucher for unpaid carers

To be eligible, carers must have been registered with Carers in Hertfordshire by the end of October 2023.

If you’re no longer a carer you can still redeem the voucher. However, please contact Carers in Hertfordshire so they can update your details.

How to redeem your voucher:

  • Take the letter with some form of identification confirming your name and address to any Post Office branch before the expiry date on the letter.
  • Ask a friend or relative to go for you. They will need to take the letter, with the back page signed and dated, with some form of identification for both you and them.
  • Contact HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044 who can arrange for someone to help you to redeem the voucher.



This additional support is just part of a wide range of HSF-funded projects and initiatives we’re delivering locally, to help people at this difficult time. These include: 

  • The Community Navigator out of hospital support scheme which offers two weeks of wrap around support for people without help to return home following a stay in hospital, providing food packs from Hertfordshire Independent Living Service and ensuring they return to a safe environment.
  • Our Warm Spaces initiative, with over 100 community venues offering a warm welcome to Hertfordshire residents.
  • Ongoing support for local community, charity and voluntary groups like Citizens Advice, where extra money has meant longer opening hours and additional staff to provide more advice and support. 

We know the vital role carers play in Hertfordshire and the huge contribution they make to our communities. We also understand the additional financial pressures they are facing at the current time, which is why we have prioritised this scheme. Our commitment to ensuring that we are here for residents when they need us, alongside supporting those most in need is as strong as ever.

Tony Kingsbury, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing


We are aware that many carers are finding times tough at the moment financially. Our 2022 Carers’ Survey revealed that 60% of carers said they were struggling with making ends meet or worried about their finances. We hope this financial boost for thousands of carers will go some way to making life a little better this winter, but remind all unpaid family and friend carers in Hertfordshire that we are here to support you. We are committed to ensuring anyone looking after a relative or someone close to them who needs help is identified, informed, supported and heard.

- Michèle Stokes, Chief Executive of Carers in Hertfordshire


The council has dedicated advice and support for those who need it. Get in touch with HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044 to find out what support is there for you. For more information, visit our cost of living page.

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