Richard Clarke - Investigative opportunities from victim visits

Richard Clarke
Investigator, National Trading Standards Scams Team Investigating Scams

Richard Joined Surrey police 32 years ago, he later transferred to the metropolitan Police where his career progressed, based mainly in the specialist crime and covert policing arenas. This included working in Counter Terrorism, various crime squads, intelligence and several years in the ‘’CHIS’’ world. I spent two periods on secondment to UK Border Force and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU).

During his time with the police Richard was able to obtain Financial Investigation skills which enhanced his detective abilities. Financial crime is without a doubt the future to ensure successful convictions and obtain the best possible judicial outcome.

Richard ended his police career in 2015 within the specialist crime intelligence department of the MPS having believed he had seen it all. Several weeks after his ‘’retirement’’ he was approached to carry out nine weeks’ worth of work for the National Trading Standards Scams Team. He was tasked to look at the potential investigation strands in relation to mass mail marketing. Surely no one EVER falls for that?

Here we are four years on and he is still in that role .Richard says; it continues to be an eye opener to see the suffering that victims, families and communities endure. “That’s why I continue to do this job, or more of a vocation. With a strong team that is the NTS Scams Team and likeminded individuals here today, let’s hope collectively we can beat the criminals.”
Richard Clarke, one wife, one dog and six kids!!


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