Keynote speaker - Mervyn Eastman, Co-Director at Change AGEnts: Compassionate ageism and empathy undermine the Social Work task

Compassionate ageism and empathy undermine the social work task.

With an introduction by Helen Maneuf.

Mervyn Eastman, Co-Director at Change AGEntsMervyn Eastman 437x670

Mervyn Eastman began his career in the late 1960s as a welfare assistant in East London. In the early 1970s he trained in social work (CQSW) and has worked in all fields of social care, much of which specializing in issues related to age and ageing.

Author of numerous publications on a range of issues related to public services and older people (including older prisoners), he was the first person, outside the USA, to publish a book on the then little acknowledged issue of elder abuse in the domestic setting. His contribution to raising awareness of this matter was honored by Middlesex University in 1999 with an Hon Doctorate.

Change AGEnts UK, a co-operative he co-founded in May 2009, seeks to change how we think about older people and growing older.

Keynote speaker
7 November
7 November 2018 at 10:00-11:30

Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage

Robertson House

Six Hills Way