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Activities and groups at ARC

Activities and groups at ARC

Group activities





We organise various group activities and will invite you to take part. These include biking, canoeing, bush craft around camp fires, Halloween games and Christmas crafts. We also arrange family days which provides an opportunity to build on your relationships and to have fun together.    




Parent groups


We continue to develop supportive groups for the parents we work with including:

  • The Family Links - this support group is aimed at parents of young people aged 9-17 and provides them with an understanding of the teenage brain, the impact of developmental trauma and strategies of support whilst sharing ideas with other parents.
  • The Nurture Group - is for parents who may feel isolated and want to socialise in a safe environment. It can also help those who are finding it difficult to prioritise time for themselves and struggling to provide a consistently nurturing environment for their children.

Parents can also get information and guidance from Parentline.


Girls/boys groups


During these informal groups, you'll get the chance to discuss issues affecting you including:

  • learning about the online world
  • understanding relationships and what's expected of you
  • learning ways to manage difficult emotions
  • dealing with life stresses by building resilience.

You can also contact Childline for any information, support and advice you may need.  


Woodland family day


With support from a member of our team, you and your family can come along to our woodland day where you will focus on different tasks to build on your relationships and have fun!

These relaxed days are held regularly, and you'll get the chance to cook food over the campfire and roast your own marshmallows.  


"It was so nice to spend time doing something different with my family."

ARC client