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How ARC supports families

Who we are

We are a specialist service set up to help children, young people and their families to overcome problems and achieve the things they hope for.

What we do


  • We work with children and young people under 18 and families to help overcome problems.
  • We will work with you, providing you with individual and family sessions, over a period of a few months.
  • We can provide support in your own home, at our ARC base in Welwyn Garden City or anywhere that you feel comfortable. 
  • We have access to different services to provide you with information and resources to further your opportunities and potential for a bright future.

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"Thank you for saving my little family. My worker genuinely cared. You've enabled me to gain my confidence to support my daughter. I can now manage my emotions better and have the techniques and confidence to keep making changes".
ARC client



How we will work with you


  • You will be given a named support worker from our outreach team who will support you throughout.
  • Your named worked will meet with you and listen to what you have to say. Together, you'll come up with a plan to help you reach your set goals.
  • You'll meet regularly with your support worker and family to discuss any problems and concerns you may have.   
  • During this time, you'll get to talk through any problems, play games, create activities and go out in the community.
  • For some older children, you might also stay with us in our residential home whilst your family gets additional support, helping you all to manage better when you return home.


Father and son day out




Contact our ARC teams

The Lakes Residential Families Together Programme:

01707 343632

Lemsford Lane
Welwyn Garden City

Outreach: 01707 343630