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Make a referral to ARC

Make a referral to ARC

Families Together Programme and Springs Short Breaks Referrals


To make a referral for the Families Together Programme or Springs Short Breaks, social workers should request additional funding via the Hertfordshire Access to Resource Panel (HARP). To have your referral agreed, you must also complete a referral form which you can request from:


Outreach support referrals

What happens next


We meet weekly to discuss referrals and will inform you of the outcome. Accepted cases will be placed on a waiting list and when the case has been allocated, you will be contacted by an ARC worker to arrange a consultation with the case holder before we contact the family to complete an assessment.

Waiting times do vary - for outreach support please expect up to 12 weeks. Intervention for the Families Together Programme and the Springs Short Breaks can depend on a number of factors, including availability of beds.

However, we will arrange to meet with the family once the referral has been accepted in order to provide more details to ascertain the family's level of commitment and learn more about their needs. This is to ensure the stay is the most appropriate support. Further information will also inform compatibility with other young people staying in the home.

Families can receive support from other services whilst engaging with us. We would consider the needs of each family and the work being offered.  

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