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Our teams

Our teams

The Outreach Team

Our Outreach Teams, based in Welwyn Garden City and Watford, work with families across Hertfordshire. We provide an assessment of the family and offer an intensive support package of individual and family sessions over a period of a few months. We hold regular network meetings, which family members can be invited to, where we review the support holistically and adapt the plan accordingly.


We use our attachment model to create the sessions bespoke to the needs of each family. We will arrange to meet with family members at times to suit them. For children, we often pick them up from school and take them to the nearest ARC base to complete a session before returning them home. For parents this can be at home whilst children are at school or we can make arrangements to fit around work commitments.

Sessions work toward individuals' goals as well as ARC objectives which have been developed from the assessment. We like to combine these goals with fun, creative and interactive sessions  whilst instilling strategies, skills and empowering each to manage without support.


The Lakes Residential Families Together Programme (FTP)

The Lakes Residential Families Together Programme in Welwyn Garden City offers three beds for young people aged 12-17 living at home with their birth or adoptive family - one bed can be used as an emergency.

This programme provides intensive therapeutic support from our multidisciplinary team for 4-8 weeks with a package of support returning home.  

What you can expect after a referral

Once the referral has been accepted, we'll contact you to discuss further details.

The family are allocated an outreach worker before the young person moves into the Lakes FTP where an assessment provides a formulation of the needs of the family and a plan of support. The outreach support continues throughout the stay and for about 3 months after the young person has left the Lakes FTP.

As the case holder, you will liaise with the parent/s for them to sign the section 20 for their child's stay at the Lakes FTP. The plan is for the young person to return to the family home following the package of support for the entire family.

During the FTP, we ask that you attend a weekly network meeting with all relevant professionals as well as the parent/s (the young person is invited to attend).  

As well as network meetings, the family will need to attend weekly family therapy sessions (siblings/grandparents can be invited) and engage in weekly family and individual therapeutic sessions with the FTP staff and their outreach worker. Parents are also encouraged to attend our parent group and participate in a family day. Family contact is supported with an overnight stay at home, expected within the first week. This is gradually increased throughout the stay.  

Young people who come to the Lakes as an emergency will be encouraged to join the Families Together Programme.


The Springs Short Breaks

The Springs Short Breaks service in Watford provides outreach packages complemented with weekend stays for young people aged 12-17. The weekend stays support three young people already working with the service as well as offering an additional bed for young people in crisis.  

What you can expect after a referral

Once your referral has been accepted, the family are allocated an outreach worker where an assessment determines the needs of the family and a plan of support.

The amount of stays varies, but can often be once or twice a month across a period of about 6 months. Additional support can be offered to the family by an outreach worker.

We ask that you attend monthly network meetings to review the support and progress being made.


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Contact us

If you would like to discuss a case, please call us:

Welwyn Garden City: 01707 343630
Watford: 01442 453311

The Lakes Residential Families Together Programme
01707 343632

The Springs Short Breaks
01442 453311