Child death overview panel

The Child Death Overview Panel is responsible for reviewing and analysing the deaths of all children under the age of 18 who lived in Hertfordshire, with a view to:

  • reducing the number of child deaths

  • preventing accidents to children

  • identifying and understanding the patterns of childhood death

  • improving inter-agency practice in this very sensitive area

  • educating members of the public and professionals working with children

  • highlighting any matters of concern

  • identifying the need for a serious case review or partnership case review, for information, follow this link: serious case reviews

  • overseeing the process of conducting a rapid response meeting by a group of key professionals to enquire into and evaluate each unexpected death of a child.

Who's on the panel

The panel meets 6 times a year and is made up of professionals from a number of disciplines:

  • health services
  • the police
  • social care
  • a representative from the Coroner's Office
  • a representative from the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board.

Child death notifications

Following the death of a child, professionals should forward child death notifications (Form A) and core data collection forms (Forms B - B13) to the CDOP Officer.Please email or call 01992 556988 for more details.

Hertfordshire CDOP Arrangements