Graded Care Profile - Structured Judgement Tool developed by Jane Wiffin

The Graded Care Profile helps assess neglect and identifies strengths and difficulties across a number of child development areas. It's likely to be triggered by concerns about the care the child is getting.



Our Graded Care Profile toolkit

Our Graded Care Profile toolkit includes a neglect toolkit and scoresheet:

Why we use it

Neglect is the biggest area of concern for children and professionals in Hertfordshire and early assessment and intervention is crucial.

The Graded Care Profile gives a consistent approach to working with families where there's neglect.

Children’s centres, health visitors, Thriving Families teams and disabled children teams are all using it.


Using the toolkit for the first time – training courses

Before using this tool, you need to go to a short training session explaining how to use it appropriately.

Visit our Training and Learning page to book a place on this training.