Safe Staffing Handbook

The HSCB Safe Staffing Handbook 2014 has been developed in collaboration with partner agencies to support all organisations in Hertfordshire with pre-employment guidance, and particularly voluntary organisations and charities.

The handbook features defined sections to make the information accessible for all. It also includes sample templates to use within the recruitment process.

It's divided into sections which outline key areas in the initial employment relationship such as recruitment, selection and pre-employment checks to the induction period.

It's based on the requirements and recommendations set out in Lord Warner’s (1992) report on safer recruitment, and as such outlines the minimum requirements for all employers that are recruiting for roles involving children and young people. The handbook also includes all new legislation concerning the new National Vetting and Barring scheme.

The handbook is not intended to, nor does it replace internal or sector specific guidance.

Please note that this document is correct at the time of going to press. Any changes to legislation or practice brought in by the new coalition government will be updated appropriately.

Word copies of the templates contained in the HSCB Safe Staffing Handbook 2010 can be found in the Useful Links and Publications page.