Many families who have a child with a disability need an occasional break from caring for them.

A shared carer from the sitting service can offer you a break by looking after your child for a few hours in your home. It gives you a break so you can spend time with your other children or go out and run some errands.

Shared care sitters

Trained volunteers who've been assessed and checked to prepare them for caring for a disabled child. Often they have had some previous experience or contact with disabled children and can offer a few hours a week to help look after a child.

Assessment and referral

After you call us, you'll receive a visit from a social worker or professional assistant who will decide with you if the service will benefit you and your child. With your help they'll complete an assessment report outlining what support can be offered.

A referral to the shared care team will be made if we feel the shared care sitting service is suitable for your child. They'll contact you to get more information about your child and their needs.

Your child's needs will then be carefully matched with the skills and abilities of a carer. The matching and introductions are done carefully and at the pace of your child.

Contact us

Call the HCC customer service centre on 01438 737 500 if your child has a disability and you think they'd benefit from the service. Ask for an assessment of need for your child and mention that you're interested in the shared care sitting service.