We provide an out of hours telephone service for urgent queries and an emergency safeguarding line in the event of an emergency involving a child in your care.

Out of hours telephone service  

This telephone service is provided by our fostering staff members to deal with urgent issues from 5.30pm - 11pm, 7 days a week. All support is provided to you over the telephone, so staff won't be making any visits as part of this service.

All non-urgent issues and queries, such as payments or appointment cancellations, should be referred to your social worker.   

Contact the out of hours support service on one of the numbers below, depending on which side of the county you live.

North and East - 01438 843714

South and West - 01442 454340

Emergency safeguarding line

You must contact the emergency safeguarding line if a child in your care:

  • goes missing
  • is hospitalised and in need of any emergency treatment
  • is involved in an accident or an incident involving the police.

Call: 0300 123 4043

Available out of office hours, 7 days a week.