Counselling and arts therapy are 2 ways of sharing how you're feeling.

Meet your counsellor or arts therapist once a week.

Sessions last 50 minutes.

You usually have 12 sessions.

What you talk about in the sessions is kept completely confidential.



A safe, non-judgemental space to explore your feelings and work through any issues you're having.

The Counsellor works with you by listening carefully and trying to understand how things look and feel from your point of view.

The Counsellor will be able to help you to see your situation from a different angle and find some solutions that will help.

Arts therapy

A creative alternative to counselling which allows you to express how you're feeling in many different ways: drawing, sculpting, model making and drama.

It’s not about being ‘good at art’ – it's about using the art materials in a thoughtful way. This can help you to relax and share what’s going on in your mind.