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Hertfordshire County Council

A strategy that sets out our vision for a healthy and happy Hertfordshire, where everyone is born as healthy as possible and lives a full and happy life. 


The plan identifies four key priorities:

  • Starting and Developing Well - support and services we provide for children and young people
  • Keeping Well - encouraging and supporting people to live healthy lives, getting them to take responsibility for their own health and helping them make positive choices about their weight, diet and mental health
  • Influencing and Advising - focusing on how our public health experts can share their expertise and give professional advice to other organisations to help them design and deliver services
  • Working Collaboratively - the need for us to work with eachother in order to get things done.


“Not all ill-health is avoidable, but wherever possible we need to take responsibility for our health and make positive lifestyle choices, which will help us all to maintain good mental and physical wellbeing."

- Richard Roberts, Cabinet Member for Public Health