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Hertfordshire County Council

Key messages

  • Hertfordshire's substance misuse statistics are generally better than those of England as a whole, but the costs to public health and the demand on public services caused by the misuse of drugs and alcohol are considerable.
  • Watford and Stevenage generally experience worse alcohol harm than the rest of the county. 
  • Substance misuse remains a public health priority for Hertfordshire, due to increases in related hospital admissions and an estimated increase in opiate usage.

Referral and pathways

Over 18 years old

  • Spectrum offers clinical interventions, as well as psychological and social support. Treatments are tailored to your needs by a range of professionals, under one roof.
  • The Living Room offers intensive, daily support for drug and any other addictions. Treatmentsare abstinence based and follow a structured programme based on the 12 step progress, including peer support. They also have a free creche.

Under 18 years old

Get help if someone's alcohol or drug use affects you

  • Carers in Hertfordshire offer support for adults and young people who look after someone with an alcohol or drug problem.
  • Family lives provides online and phone advice for parents of under 18's. 
  • Families anonymous is a support network for friends and family members.