FYI contraception campaign resources

Good sexual and reproductive health is important for everyone, but sexual ill health affects some population groups more than others.

For women living in Hertfordshire, it is important that they are able to access contraception in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The ‘FYI: Contraception’ programme aims to reduce unwanted pregnancies by ensuring that:

• women of all ages are able to access information about their available choices for contraception (including Long Acting Reversible Contraception – LARC), together with the evidence for effectiveness; • young people have access to accurate information on sexual and reproductive health; and • high-quality information on contraceptive choices are widely communicated to professionals and the general public.

Information alone is not enough to change behaviours, therefore, access to all methods of contraception, including LARC methods and emergency hormonal contraception continues to be available from locally commissioned sexual health services.

For help to promote this campaign please use the following resources:

Stakeholder toolkit

Public facing poster

Tear off pad

Digital toolkit

Email signature

FYI logo

For more information please contact Public Health Hertfordshire by calling 0300 123 4040 or emailing