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A Resource for Health Professionals in Hertfordshire and beyond
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Strategies and Plans


Making Every Contact Count for older adults - Pilot information resource

Our vision is to support older adults in Hertfordshire to be healthy and independent for as long as possible. One way we can support this is to make every contact with older adults count.

As a pilot project, we have developed an information package which uses a simple framework, to ask, advise and assist to encourage brief conversations with older adults about some key issues.

This information package is aimed at staff or volunteers across Hertfordshire who have contact with older adults in their own homes. However those working with older adults in other settings may also find the information useful.

If as many volunteers and staff as possible use opportunities to make every contact count with older adults, together we can make a difference to people's lives.

The seven areas covered in this information package are:

  • Preventing falls
  • Making sure homes are safe
  • Making sure homes are warm
  • Preventing feeling alone
  • Ensuring good nutrition
  • Preventing dehydration
  • Encouraging physical activity 


This video can be viewed individually. Another idea is to view this video as part of a group learning session - perhaps breaking it down into one topic at a time and using the opportunity to role play conversations. Each participant will need to complete the quiz to receive a certificate.

Below is a link to a quiz to accompany the information package:

  • If you would like to receive a certificate of completion of this learning, please provide your email address, job role and organisation when asked in the quiz.  The certificate will be emailed to you.  Please note certificates will be manually generated.  Please allow up to a month to receive it.
  • We would value your feedback on this pilot learning package.  There is an opportunity to provide feedback as part of the quiz form.


Useful links referred to in the information package


Promoting health & wellbeing in your local parish

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

JSNA - Information and intelligence about the health and wellbeing needs of the population of Hertfordshire, including:

Health determinants and demographics

Life stages and groups

Diseases, conditions and disabilities

Local areas

Drugs & Alcohol Needs Assessment for Hertfordshire - The aim of this document is to provide the evidence base to reduce the harm related to drugs and alcohol use and to evidence cost-effective interventions to inform the commissioning of drugs and alcohol prevention, control and treatment services for people of all ages in Hertfordshire.

The Public Health Partnership Fund (District Offer)

The District Offer is all 10 District and Borough Councils in Hertfordshire working together to achieve Public Health outcomes.

Presentations of the District Offers Phase One



If you're a Health Professional in contact with people who fall or who are at risk of falling, take a look at our Falls information  that includes information for Health Professionals if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Community Covenant

The Hertfordshire Community Covenant is a mutual commitment between public, private and voluntary organisations and the serving or retired Armed Forces community in the county. Please follow the link for more information - Community Covenant

Best Practice

Hertfordshire leads the way in collaborative working

Public Health eNews

Public Health eLearning


Campaign toolkits



Health Promotion

Promoting health and wellbeing in your area

Public Health Hertfordshire Conference 2017

Health care policy databases


Health and wellbeing in Hertfordshire Libraries

Why not visit your local library and find out about a range of Health information? Find out what's available