Managing long term conditions (professional)

As part of the development of a self management programme for Hertfordshire a range of tools have been collected together to support health professionals working with clients with long term conditions to take a self management approach.


Arthritis Care

Online resources geared towards pain management and relaxation techniques

British Lung Foundation

Provides online information and resources for people affected by a range of lung diseases.

Diabetes UK

Online support group offering information and support. Includes lifestyle advice and symptom management.  

British Heart Foundation

Information based resource, includes leaflets, podcasts, videos and support forum.

The Health Foundation

A website with a wide range of self-management materials focussing on:

Patient skills programme and Practitioner Development offering a range of downloadable tools.

Self-management UK

This is a resource for all those involved in self-management. Online patient community and social media sites for people with long term conditions.

Parkinson's UK

Offers information and a self management programme for people living with Parkinsons.

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

Information about what self-management is, and resources.

Self Care Forum Information to help GP's establish a self - care approach in their practices, including patient leaflets, training courses and a patient self care portal.Apps

Asthma Tracker

Free Smartphone app, including journal of symptoms, peak flow meter readings. Frequency of exacerbations and length, triggers, and treatment can be monitored.

My KidneyCare Centre

Free Smartphone App

Care record and a self management tool, allowing young adults to maintain accurate and accessible kidney care records including appointment details and a medicines list with reminders if required.

Make notes of queries or questions in preparation for next appointment.

Top 10 FAQs offers advice and signposting to further kidney care information.

NHS apps

A range of reviewed by NHS for safety and quality covering a wide range of health conditions.

Hertfordshire commissioned services for self-management

Do something different

The idea is that rather than thinking or learning about a change in your lifestyle, you follow a series of Do's that will help you to make the change in small manageable steps.

Each Do is especially chosen to support new healthy ways of doing things and to share that knowledge with others. Free to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Hertfordshire.

Slimming world and Weight Watchers

Commissioned by Hertfordshire Public Health 12 weeks free with GP referral.

BeeZee Bodies

BeeZee Bodies is an obesity referral programme for overweight and obese children children aged 5 to 15. designed to enhance self confidence, activity level and increase knowledge and practice of healthy eating.