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The next stocktake is due between 1 - 14 March.



Healthy Start Vitamin Decision Tree Query - 13 September 2017

In the Children’s Centre Bulletin on 3 August 2017 there was a link to the decision tree ‘flow chart’ on Healthy Start Vitamins. The information on this chart has caused some confusion to staff because of the wording within it.

It states ‘If the baby is under 4 weeks old, only give Healthy Start vitamins under medical supervision’. Public Health have contacted Healthy Start and they have confirmed that as part of the National Healthy Start Scheme vitamin vouchers are only be given to babies from 6 months of age. Hertfordshire’s Universal Healthy Start vitamins will continue to follow this and only provide vitamins to babies from 6 months of age.

We hope that this alleviates any concerns, and to let you know that you should carry on distributing the vitamins in the same way you have been.

If you have any queries please contact Public Health.

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