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Hertfordshire County Council

Commercial Analysts like Nafees Khan ensure that money goes further when working with contractors.

Ahead of the autumn Budget, we want to be in the best possible position for getting the most out of our spending.

Nafees tells us about his role in making this happen...

"I work with the Highways department on the business aspects of the Highways Service Term contract (HST). I work with our main contractor, Ringway, to make sure the county council gets best value for money and delivers an efficient service to our customers.

I do this by:

  1. assisting and simplifying the process for payment applications. I get a real buzz out of solving problems and implementing improvements
  2. inspecting the contractor's costs on a monthly basis
  3. negotiating our contractor's rates and final accounts annually.

I continually challenge contractors on their costs and service delivery to ensure we get the best service possible with the most bang for our buck.

I really enjoy working with people across different teams, both within the Highways service and the wider county council. Fortunately, we have a good bunch of people here who all work really hard to deliver the best service they can.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction when a long running issue is resolved or an improved process is implemented.

Have your say on how we spend the council budget. We're asking residents to give their views on what we should prioritise this year.