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Hertfordshire County Council


Charis Theodorou has worked as a Project Engineer in the Highways Development Management team for over a year.

"Our team deals with the authorisation of roadworks (section 278) and road adoption (section 38) in the county. When a road has been built and is ready for use the county adopts it, making it maintainable at public expense.

"Everytime I deal with a scheme my first consideration is to deliver a good service not only for the developers but also for the public. I am concerned with delivering a scheme that will be safe and practical for all members of the public, including disabled residents and older people, children, cyclists, drivers and animals (especially protected species).

"I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that our team's priority is to deliver great service for the people of Hertfordshire. I also really enjoy working at Hertfordshire County Council because of the diversity that we have in the offices and the number of people I work with everyday."