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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire's roads get a spruce up

As well as the routine maintenance work that goes on each year to maintain Hertfordshire’s roads, we’ve invested extra money on essential work that’s not always a priority.

In 2016 we carried out detailed video surveys of the county’s roads so we knew what jobs needed to be done. We were busy over the summer and autumn last year making some improvements to the roads, which will continue until March 2017. 


Works taking place during the spruce up

The money we've invested is funding a variety of works including:

  • cleaning, mending or repairing 86,000 road signs
  • clearing 14 miles of ditches
  • trimming 94 miles of hedges
  • repainting 559 miles of white lines
  • digging out 2,300 roadside drains 


Routine maintenance work

Each year we maintain:

  • 3,000 miles of footways and cycle paths
  • 110,000 street lights
  • 680 sets of traffic lights
  • 165,000 roadside drains
  • 2,500 bridges and other structures


Roadwork updates

We're always updating our road closures page with the latest information on the roadworks taking place in Hertfordshire.