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Hertfordshire County Council

Investing in your local roads



What we're doing

This extra investment will be spent on resurfacing whole roads or sections of longer roads.

We'll mostly be carrying out traditional resurfacing work, where we scrape up the old road surface and lay a completely new one in its place.

For roads that are in a better condition, we might lay a thin new surface on top of the existing road.


Roads we resurfaced last year

Here's a list of roads we resurfaced between April 2019 and March 2020.


  • Bluebell Drive, Goffs Oak
  • Burnside Scheme, Hoddesdon
  • Cock Lane, Hoddesdon
  • Davison Close, Cheshunt
  • Fairley Way, Cheshunt
  • Furtherfield, Abbotts Langley
  • High Elms Lane Local, Abbotts Langley
  • Hollyfields, Turnford
  • Lyttons Way, Hoddesdon
  • Millhouse Lane, Abbotts Langley
  • Niagara Close, Cheshunt
  • Pembridge Lane, Broxbourne
  • Shaw Close, Cheshunt
  • The Laurels, Cheshunt


  • Allotments Lane, Berkhamsted
  • Astrope Lane, Tring
  • Bradden Lane, Great Gaddesdon
  • Bullstrode Lane, Chipperfield
  • Buncefield Lane, Hemel Hempstead
  • Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hemsptead
  • Butlers Hall Lane, Much Hadham and Thorley
  • Chesham Road, Berkhamsted
  • Cooks Vennel, Hemel Hempstead
  • Covert Road and Covert Close Local Reconstruction and Northchurch
  • Deaconsfield Road, Hemel Hempstead
  • Georgewood Road Local, Hemel Hempstead
  • Green End Lane, Hemel Hempstead
  • Hanger Close, Hemel Hempstead
  • Highwoodhall Lane Local, Hemel Hempstead
  • Hill Common, Hemel Hempstead
  • Hilltop Road and Beech Drive, Berkhamsted
  • Holliday Street, Berkhamsted
  • Market Oak Lane, Hemel Hempstead
  • Noake Mill Lane, Hemel Hempstead
  • Park Road Local, Tring
  • Plover Close, Berkhamsted
  • Priory Court, Berkhamsted
  • Priory Gardens, Berkhamsted
  • Sidford Close, Hemel Hempstead
  • Taransay, Hemel Hempstead
  • Watery Lane, Tring
  • Westwick Row, Hemel Hempstead

East Herts

  • Abbots Road Abbots Langley, Ware
  • Brick House Lane, Buntingford
  • Brookside Local Reconstruction, Hertford
  • Church Lane, Bovingdon
  • Cowper Crescent Local Reconstruction, Hertford
  • Dark Lane, Buntingford
  • Dixon Place, Buntingford
  • Earls Close, Bishop's Stortford
  • Frogmore Hill, Hertford
  • Frogs Hall Lane, Standon, Ware
  • Gilders, Sawbridgeworth
  • Gobions Lane, Stapleford/Hertford
  • Hamels Lane, Buntingford
  • Herald Close, Bishop's Stortford
  • Hertford Road South, Great Amwell
  • Hertford Road, Great Amwell
  • Little Acres, Ware
  • Lodge Close, Hertford
  • Mangrove Road, Hertford
  • Moor Hall Lane West, Bishop's Stortford
  • Newbury Close,Bishop's Stortford
  • Norman Avenue, Bishop's Stortford
  • North Road, Waltham Cross
  • Nursery Gardens, Ware
  • Oak Grove, Hertford
  • Payne End, Buntingford
  • Pearson Avenue Local Reconstruction, Hertford
  • Peel Crescent Local Reconstruction, Hertford
  • Rectory Lane, Shenley
  • Shantock Hall Lane, Bovingdon
  • Shantock Lane, Bovingdon
  • Short Lane, Aston
  • Spellbrook Lane West, Sawbridgeworth
  • Spring Lane, Cottered
  • Thorley Park Road, Bishop's Stortford
  • Throcking Road/Cottered Road, Buntingford
  • Turners Crescent Local, Bishop's Stortford
  • Warren Lane, Cottered
  • White Hart Close, Buntingford
  • Windmill Field, Ware


  • Borough Way, Potters Bar
  • Bournehall Avenue, Bushey
  • Bridgefoot Lane, Potters Lane
  • Castle Close, Bushey
  • Cranborne Close, Potters Bar
  • Croxdale Road, Borehamwood
  • Dugdale Hill Lane Local Potters Bar
  • Farm Way, Bushey
  • Furzehill Road Service, Borehamwood
  • Harcourt Road, Bushey
  • Hive Close, (MEM scheme) Bushey Heath
  • Kenilworth Drive, Borehamwood
  • Little Bushey Lane, Bushey
  • Manor Way Local, Borehamwood
  • Park Avenue Local, Bushey
  • Prowse Avenue Local, Bushey Heath
  • Quakers Lane, Potters Bar
  • The Comyns Local, Bushey Heath
  • The Pantiles, Bushey
  • The Rutts, Bushey Heath
  • The Shrublands, Potters Bar
  • Theobald Street Service Borehamwood
  • Theobald Street Service Local Reconstruction and Borehamwood
  • Vega Road Local Bushey
  • Wendover Way, Bushey

North Herts

  • Anchor Road, Baldock
  • Cambridge Road Service , Hitchin
  • Common Lane, Ashwell
  • Dane End Lane, Hitchin
  • Elbrook Lane, Ashwell
  • Gardiners Lane, Ashwell
  • Hampden Road, Hitchin
  • Holmdale, Letchworth Garden City
  • Lawrence End Road, Tea Green
  • Loves Lane, Ashwell
  • Lower Titmore Green, Wymondley
  • New Inn Road, Hinxworth
  • Newlands Local Recontraction and Letchworth Garden City
  • Parker Close, Letchworth Garden City
  • Penn Way , Letchworth Garden City
  • Sandover Close , Hitchin
  • Singlets Lane/ Chequers Hill, Flamstead
  • Stamford Avenue, Royston
  • Sun Hill Royston
  • The Holt, Kimpton
  • Trowley Hill Road, Flamstead
  • Turpins Way, Baldock
  • Warrens Green Lane, Hitchin
  • Western Way Local, Letchworth Garden City
  • Wymondley Rd, Hitchin

St Albans

  • Abbey Avenue Local, St Albans
  • Abbey Gateway (Fishpool Street),St Albans
  • Alder Close, Park Street
  • Abbey Gateway (Fishpool Street),St Albans
  • Alder Close, Park Street
  • Ardens Way Local, St Albans
  • Arthur Road St Albans
  • Breakspear Avenue, St Albans
  • Broomleys, St Albans
  • Cambridge Road, St Albans
  • Carlisle Avenue, St Albans
  • Carnegie Road, St Albans
  • Cedar Court, St Albans
  • Fairway Close Harpenden
  • Five Acres Avenue, Bricket Wood
  • Flora Grove Local, St Albans
  • Frowick Close, Welham Green
  • Hadleigh Court Harpenden
  • Hicks Road Markyate St Albans St Albans
  • Hill End Lane Local, St Albans
  • Icknield Close, St Albans
  • Lattimore Road and Wick Avenue Local, Wheathampstead
  • Lectern Lane, St Albans
  • Leyton Road Local Harpenden
  • Lindum Place, St Albans
  • Mandeville Drive and Abbots Avenue West St Albans
  • Meadway Local Harpenden
  • Milford Hill and Common Lane Local Resurfacing Harpenden
  • Newland Close, St Albans
  • Oakfield Road Local Harpenden
  • Oakwood Rd/Nth Orbital Rd junction only St Albans
  • Oakwood Road, Bricket Wood
  • Park Rise Local, Harpenden
  • Prae Close Local, St Albans
  • Praetorian Court, St Albans
  • Ravenscroft, Harpenden
  • Rothamsted Avenue Local Harpenden
  • Sandhurst Court Harpenden
  • Sandringham Crescent Local, St Albans
  • Sauncey Wood Lane, Harpenden
  • Seymour Road Local, St Albans
  • Watery Lane, Harpenden
  • West Common Way Harpenden
  • Whitebeams Local, St Albans
  • Woodcock Hill, Sandridge


  • Albert Street Loca, Stevenage
  • Ascot Crescent Local, Stevenage
  • Chancellors Road Local, Stevenage
  • Chouler Gardens, Stevenage
  • Clovelly Way, Stevenage
  • Featherston Road, Stevenage
  • Greenfield Road, Stevenage
  • Letchmore Road Local, Stevenage
  • Trajan Gate Local, Stevenage
  • Underwood Road, Stevenage
  • Walnut Tree Close, Stevenage

Three Rivers

  • Bullsland Lane Investigation, Chorleywood
  • Chestnut Avenue, Chorleywood
  • Church Lane Local, Rickmansworth
  • Dorrofield Close, Croxley Green
  • Harewood Rickmansworth, Rickmansworth
  • Park Road, Cuffley
  • Scots Hill Close, Croxley Green
  • Shepherds Lane Local, Rickmansworth
  • The Crosspath Local, Radlett
  • Tolmers Gardens Cuffley


  • Cedar Wood Drive Watford
  • Church Street Watford
  • Coates Dell Resurfacing Watford/Garston
  • Courtlands Drive Local Watford
  • Crown Rise Watford
  • Dell Road Watford
  • Garfield Street Watford
  • George Street Watford
  • Hampstead Road Serv. Rd, Watford
  • Longspring Watford
  • Queens Avenue Local Watford
  • Stanbury Avenue, Watford
  • The Harebreaks Watford
  • Tolpits Lane/High View Resurfacing Watford

Welwyn Hatfield

  • Canonsfield Road, Welwyn
  • Cucumber Lane, Essendon
  • Digswell Park Road, Welwyn Garden City
  • Foxes Lane, Hatfield
  • Great North Road Local, Hatfield
  • Hillfield, Hatfield
  • Huggins Lane, Hatfield
  • Lemsford Lane Major Patching Welwyn Garden City
  • Lemsford Road, Hatfield
  • Lockley Crescent (Fairfield Close), Hatfield
  • Parsonage Lane, Hatfield
  • Pooleys Lane, Hatfield
  • Rectory Road, Welwyn Garden City
  • School Lane, Hatfield
  • Town Fields, Hatfield
  • White Horse Lane, Burnham Green
  • Woodland Rise, Welwyn Garden City

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