A120 Standon improvements

Following a consultation in spring 2016 on options to improve the A120 at Standon, we concluded that improvements to the existing road would be the best option.

The decision was made on the basis that there was no clear support shown for a bypass due to a number of local environmental issues.

The approach was agreed by the Environment Planning and Transportation Panel of the County Council in June 2016.

Next steps

We will now prepare a bid for funding in the 2017-18 financial year to carry out a more detailed assessment of options to improve the existing A120 through Standon.

During the consultation, we also received comments about the need for a more strategic review of the East West Transport corridors in Hertfordshire. These comments will feed into the Transport Vision for Hertfordshire to 2050, which we're currently developing. The Transport Vision will identify and prioritise the key areas where transport improvements will be required in Hertfordshire from now to 2050.