Hitchin station improvements

We're improving the junction at Hitchin station from 22 May to 14 August 2017.  

What's happening?

The exit from Station Approach into Walsworth Road is being widened to 2 lanes to make it easier for traffic to exit during the peak hours.

The works include:

  • widened and resurfaced carriageway
  • new zebra crossing on Station Approach
  • yellow box markings across junction
  • repositioned pelican crossing on Walsworth Road
  • new street lights
  • minor alterations to station car park
  • alterations to statutory undertakers plant.

General Arrangement for Hitchin Station Improvement Plan

There will be overnight road closures of Walsworth Road so the road can be resurfaced. Closure dates will be advertised in advance.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to the station and industrial estate will be maintained at all times.

Why is it happening?

There are currently long queues in the evening peak hours for cars and buses exiting the station car park and industrial estate. This is causing buses to run late.

The works will provide an extra lane on Station Approach so that, if there is queueing in the right turn lane, left turning vehicles will still be able to exit, if Walsworth Road is clear.