Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead

We are constructing a shared use path that will connect Three Cherry Trees Lane with High Street Green, Maylands Avenue and Eastman Way. Alongside with this new footway various pedestrian and cycle improvements are going to happen.

When is it happening?

On Monday 28 of October work will start in the area of Maylands in Hemel Hempstead will that will transform the area for cyclists and pedestrians.

What's happening?

  • New shared use footway construction on the southern side of Redbourn Road (B487).
  • Installation of a new toucan crossing on Redbourn Road (B487) near to the service station to allow use by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Upgrade existing footway to shared use and localised footway widening where required as shown on plan
  • Construction of a new pedestrian refuge at the entrance of the service station (Texaco) on Redbourn Road (B487).
  • Kerb realignments and new road marking at the entrance/exit of the service station (Texaco) to improve safety for both drivers, and pedestrians and cyclists respectively.
  • Associated signing for cyclist and pedestrian way finding.
  • Installation of new bench seating in multiple areas (shown on plan) for the community to rest and enjoy common space.
  • Installation of new plantings in areas near benches. i.e. wild flowers or other specified species appropriate for the environment and existing flora.

Why is it happening?

In order Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to be able to carry out these improvements:

  1. HCC applied for Planning Permission from Dacorum Borough Council to carry out works  in the area of Maylands which was granted
  2. HCC applied to DEFRA under the Section 38 of the Common Act 2006 carry out works on the Common Land on Redbourn Road and High Street Green
  3. HCC  negotiated a land agreement with Dacorum Borough Council to carry out works on Swallowdale Lane